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UI/UX design, RWD web design.

Anue Hao is a social-media platform focusing on financial management. Readers can follow the big and small events of the day through a timeline and personalized functions. For creators, it is a combination of industry-exclusive editors and multimedia.
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My role in this project

My responsibility of this product starting from initial concept design, feature roadmap planning, user flow, visual design, prototyping, delivering high-fidelity mockups and communicate to developers.

Our team members include:
▪ One designers
▪ One product owner
▪ One operations planning specialist
▪ One planning assistant
▪ One research and developers

Deep into the problems we were facing…

The organizational change led to the adjustment of development priorities. It was necessary to change a complete function from APP to RWD website. And needed to think about the minimum feasible version.

1. Does it really need to made an RWD website?
2. Is there a mobile version requirement for the article editor?

➤ In designing this platform, developed through our discussion within the team. We decide to do:
1. Use the RWD website instead of the AWD webpage.
2. Create a intuitive and simple interaction for user.

➤ After reframing the design requirement and scope, then come up with the users experience and design the website.

Product iteration cycle

Iterate the design after the first version has lunched.

Identify guidelines & user interface

Begin to design the entire RWD website, including color specification 、timeline wall、post editor...etc

Product highlights

▪ Article classification settings.
▪ Two publishing functions for Post and article.
▪ QR Code sharing function.

Visual : Adobe Illustrator / Sketch

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